About Us

ZaminRun Ravesh (Ltd Co.) was established (Registration No.261255) in December 2005 providing geotechnical services especially within the construction sector.

The main aim of this company is to successfully fit within the fast-growing construction industry and large-scale geotechnical projects with the help of highly competent and skilled workforce, expertise and appropriate machinery.

Major areas of activity include large scale demolition, excavation and soil stabilization of major construction projects in Iran. Additionally, we have expanded our operations in the past few years to include the construction of structures (both concrete and steel) and all related activities leading to furnishing and decoration of buildings.

Currently, the company has a workforce of around 100 highly trained technical staff with a wide range of academic background from PhD to technical diploma in architecture, civil, geotechnical and electrical engineering.

The company board members have years of extensive experience and have held various senior positions within relevant industries both in the private and public sectors.

Company Competence Certificate

Since the establishment of the company, ZaminRun Ravesh is contionously striving towords enhancing its technical capabilities and reputation within its area of activity.

The company has received a level 3 competence certificate in construction and transporation from the Tehran governance which is a part of the Iranian Minisity of Interior .

Taking into account the current position of the company and the growing competence to undertake projects of different nature and larger magnitude, Zaminrun Ravesh Co, is working towards improving the competence certificate to level 2. The company is curently going through the legal procedures for this particular improvement. Furthermore, Zaminrun has been awarded competence certificate in road and transportation and general construction.

In addition to the above, ZaminRun Ravesh Co, is also an active member of the Iranian concrete Institute. Furthermore, the company board members are part of various technical organisations incuding Tehran construction engineering organisation, the Iranian geotechnical society and the Iranian Tunnelling Association.

Technical Machinery and Equipment

ZaminRun Ravesh Co. has acquired an extensive range of dedicated machinery and equipment in order to meet our technical specification and tight project schedules whilst delivering the highest standards of services. The company is capable of carrying out up to 6 large scale projects simultaneously in its field of activity. The provided list contains some of the most vital machinery used for our projects: